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  • Aronia is a Genus of plants (Shrubs and small trees) native to Northern America but now spread throughout the temperate zones of the world. Aronia is best known for one of the three following reasons.

  • The Antioxidants in aronia are nothing short of impressive. In fact, there are some independent studies that show aronia as having the highest number of anthocyanins, a very beneficial antioxidant to humans, among all fruits known to mankind so far!

  • Aronia Arbutifolia is the scientific name for the Genus and species of Red Chokeberry plant. Red chokeberries grow on short trees that are close in appearance to their black-berried cousins, however the beautiful berries are very bright red and sure to catch your eye.

  • Aronia berries, specifically berries from the aronia Melanocarpa bush, are a black-colored small, edible berry about 4-9 millimeters in diameter. They grow during the fall and ripen at the beginning of wintertime in the northern hemisphere, and so can be found at farmer's markets across the northern continents starting around Christmas time.

  • If you’ve wanted to learn about the incredibly understated, ultra-healthy aronia berry, you’ve come to the right place. On this site you’ll find all different kinds of information on Aronia berries, or “Chokeberries,” as they are sometimes known.

  • Aronia berry juice is one of the darkest, most astringent liquids that grows in nature. The juice of smashed black chokeberries itself (chokeberries is the common American name for all berries in the Aronia family) is so completely packed with dark-purple anthocyanin that it's most prevelant usage here has for a long time been in inks and dyes.

  • Aronia Melanocarpa is the scientific name (genus and species, respectfully) of the black chokeberry bush, which is the species of aronia that is highest in antioxidants.

  • Aronia X Prunifolia is the scientific genus and species name for the hybrid plant Purple Chokeberry.

  • Aronija is the slavic word for Aronia. People throughout Eastern Europe and all of Russia enjoy aronia berry juice on a near-daily basis, and therefore the word aronija is much more common online than the word aronia is.

  • If you have any questions or comments about the aronia berry, you can contact us. If you are looking for a coupon to try some aronia berry products at discounted or wholesale prices, see below.

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