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What is the Aronia Antioxidant?

The Antioxidants in aronia are nothing short of impressive. In fact, there are some independent studies that show aronia as having the highest number of anthocyanins, a very beneficial antioxidant to humans, among all fruits known to mankind so far!

Yes, this even beats out the revered Acai berry, both for it's anthocyanins specifically, and for it's Hydropilic ORAC score.

What is Aronia's ORAC score?

The highest claim we've seen to Aronia's ORAC score was when Orenda International paid to have an independent lab test Aronia powder's H-ORAC score. The test result was an astounding 9,075 HORAC in umoleTE/g, which is the standardized testing unit of antioxidants.

For comparison, Mona Vie's famous claim of 1,027 is on the same scale, and both are measured by their condensed powder form, not directly by fresh fruit. (which would be much lower since the water in fruit has no antioxidants.)

The USDA ORAC report on Aronia

However, in November of 2007, a public comparison was published by the United States Department of Agriculture. In it, Aronia was tested and compared to 276 other edible items that can be found in the USA.

On page 14 of this report, “Chokeberries” (the American name for berries than grow on aronia plants) had an even Higher HORAC and Total ORAC Score!

The USDA ORAC report clearly shows that chokeberries possess:

  • A Hydrophilic ORAC score of 15,820
  • A Total ORAC score of 16,062

These numbers sadly can't be compared directly to Acai and other superfruits, however the report does have many other well-known healthy fruits to compare this score to. For instance, in this report we can see that:

  • Cranberries have a total ORAC score of 9,584
    Black Currants (similar to chokeberries) have a total ORAC score of 7,960
  • Blueberries (highbush) have a total ORAC score of 6,552
  • Blackberries  have a total ORAC score of 5,347
  • Raspberries have a total ORAC score of 4,882
  • Dried Apricots have a total ORAC score of 3,234
  • Raisins have a total ORAC score of 3,037
  • Gala Apples have a total ORAC score of 2,828
  • Watermelon, due to it's vast water content, has a tiny total ORAC score of only 142.

Note: All ORAC scores measured in the common umole per 100 grams format.

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