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What is Orenda Oki juice?

Orenda International, an anti-aging direct marketing (MLM) company based in Tempe, Arizona, launched America's first superfruit juice blend based on Aronia, named Oki, (Pronounced O-Kai) in 2008.

Although it hasn't enjoyed the marketing and success as competitor Mona Vie, the fact that it is based on Aronia melanocarpa ensures that it is unusually high in anthocyanins, likely even higher than all of it's competition in the anti-aging industry.

According to the marketing literature from Orenda, the powdered Aronia berry that they use has an incredible 10,381 mg of anthocyanin per 100 grams!

Contrast that to the same anthocyanin count in powdered Acai, for instance... Orenda reports that acai berries in powdered form only have 319 mg of anthocyanin per 100 grams... Over 32 TIMES less than aronia.

The ORAC score for Orenda's Oki juice

The above score is a measurement specifically of anthcyanins. Anthocyanins are only one kind of antioxidant, however, and the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbion Ratio) score, which the USDA and the FDA both use to measure antioxidants, measures ALL antioxidants at once.

Again, from Orenda's materials we have found that the powdered aronia used to make the bulk of their Oki juice with has an ORAC score of 9,075.

When compared to Mona Vie's often-published score of 1,027 for powdered acai berry, it's clear to see that antioxidants from Aronia juice by Orenda is about nine TIMES more powerful (from antioxidants) than any acai berry juice. 

To make matters more confusing for you, Mona Vie does have some Aronia berry juice in it's blend too... So it's impossible to know in reality which one has a higher ORAC score for sure.

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