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What does Aronia Berry Juice Taste Like?

Aronia berry juice is one of the darkest, most astringent liquids that grows in nature. The juice of smashed black chokeberries itself (chokeberries is the common American name for all berries in the Aronia family) is so completely packed with dark-purple anthocyanin that it's most prevelant usage here has for a long time been in inks and dyes.

That darkness of course translates to extremely powerful antioxidants. Only recently has aronia berry juice from black chokeberries been hailed as a “superfruit,” despite the native Americans using them as the center of healing for hundreds of years.

How Can I Make Aronia Berry Juice?

(That tastes good enough to drink.)

If you have access to black aronia berries and some apple juice, you're in luck. The best way to juice aronia is with a simple garlic press, such as you'd find at any cookwear store, and even in your local wal-mart.

Once you've squeezed a fair amount of Aronia, simply mix it 1 to 1 with apple juice, which will sweeten the aronia enough to make it enjoyable.

Is aronia berry juice from red chokeberries good for me?

Red chokeberries, known as Aronia Arbutifolia, don't need much (if any) sweetening. Sadly, their antioxidant count is far lower than aronia melanocarpa.

Where can I buy some aronia berry juice?

Here in the United States, we have not found any juice products in our local stores, even the health-food stores, based on aronia melanocarpa yet. They have pills and powders, just no aronia yet, which I would surmise is over taste concerns.

However there are already Aronia berry juice products that are mixed in with other beneficial fruits, sold via direct marketing companies. (MLMs)

For instance, Mona Vie, the #1 selling Acai berry blend in the world has some aronia melanocarpa in it. However, there is a juice blend mostly made of aronia; Orenda Oki juice.

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