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Aronia X Prunifolia

Aronia X Prunifolia is the scientific genus and species name for the hybrid plant Purple Chokeberry.

Purple chokeberries are short trees, or tall bushes, depending who you ask, that have dark purple berries, just a few shades lighter in color than aronia melanocarpa's berries.

This hybridization gives the berries more antioxidants than red chokeberries, a more attractive frame and flowers than black chokeberries, and more growing range than both plants.

Purple chokeberries can grow further south than both it's red and black cousins can, although not as far north as aronia melanocarpa does, which is well into Canada and Nova Scotia.

As for the nutritional content of purple chokeberries, it's various phytonutrients and vitamins all lie somewhere between those of the black and red chokeberries as well.

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